Monday, August 11, 2008

Fooding in London

Been a while between posts, i know. But I really only can write when inspired.
Of late we have been in organisation mode, gearing up for a trip to Iceland.
I know - i can hear everyone saying, why would you go to Iceland when the whole of Europe is on your doorstep. Well - cos you wouldn't go there, that's why. Why not! Something to talk about - looks incredible, and now we are REALLY excited to go there.
But Anth has been sent to Nice for work (poor Anth -tough break huh>!)
So we have had to postpone the sojourn to the icey continent for a week. So i the meantime I am off to London on a research adventure.
I have all the advice of the Bakery's pommy pastry chefs, waitstaff and of course, the Bakery's namesake leading lady herself hot tips...and I am off.
In 7 days I intend to eat, drink and be generally over indulged to discover what it is that makes a place feel homely. No matter where you hail form in the world, I wanna know how you feel at home. So I plan to check out all the places that are apparently on the same wavelength as me:
1/ The Acorn house
2/ Providores
3/ Wholefoods
4/ Ottolhengi
5/ Borough Street Markets
6/ Leila's Shop (particularly looking forward to this one! - looks VERY me on the internet).
7/ Food Hall
8/ Petersham Nurseries
9/ Flat White
10/ The Anchor and Hope

Check in as the week passes for my reviews and discoveries, and how I think this will inspire my own pending food venture...
Stay tuned...