Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I know you like photos- so here are a few!

I think the Rotary spit roasts at the Bream Creek Show could learn a thing or two about a pig on a spit from this little Italian fella - big pig, small man! YUMMMMMY meat! Thanks piglet! you were really yummy!

A Bosnian cheese that is poured curds and whey - the whole lot, into a calf stomach and smoked...a few months later they cut it open and there you have it!

this is a 700kg cheese at the Slow Food Salone del Gusto!

Dad pretty proud of his spread, - or the scotch...I think its the scotch actually!

Had a great arvo with dad, we had no plans, and just roamed...amazing how many places that I had been wanting to visit that we just stumbled across without a map...naturally Pierre Herme was one of them - oh the macaroons are good...in my opinion, better than Laduree's (where I took Joey for her birthday)

Dad sucking in his guts in front of the Tour Eiffel!

Typical dinner chez moi!
My first ever attempt at Beef Bourgignon - oh come on - I had to try it if i live in Paris!

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