Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Japanese LOVE to package

So that's why today, I am taking a trip with my wonderful Japanese 'surrogate' Mother, Megumi Yasuda, to "Paper town".

Tokyo has so many little sub-pockets, many of which are dedicated to a specific thing, like fabric, chef supplies, plastic food!, but today, we are going to take a look at packaging. My hope is to find some great prototypes for packaging my cakes for market...build a bit of value-adding into the product. But the only problem is, I kinda don't like too much packaging because of the environmental ramifications. So today my mission is to find something that fits into my philosophy, as well as presents well...so it will need to be minimal.

I will post some photos later, but just wanted to let you know that I am excited!

I also had an inspired idea lying awake in bed last night, as to my trademark for my cakes...you know, the thing I would be known for. This bed here at Yasuda Inn (2 train stops from Shinjuku, so very convenient if anyone needs a place to rest their heads while in Tokyo)... this bed's doona must be full of clouds instead of feathers, as I always seem to come up with great ideas when I am lying in it!

Watch this space for some photos of my adventure with my favourite Japanese mother.

Ps. you don't know all my amazing stories about Megumi, or much about our time in Tokyo, as this blog started when I started at Rose Bakery in Paris. Just know that we spent 7 months living in Tokyo before we moved to Paris. It was actually for my husband's experience to work with a great architect, but (as always, when you have no expectations) I got SO much out of living here. We decided that we wanted to visit on the way home to Aus, for some much needed Ramen, and Megumi, so here you find me...coming up with ideas that seem to bring together everything about my experience in France, with a little injection of Japan! Nice!

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