Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the start is a grand place to start

I have given in to peer pressure and I am publishing some of my musings on food, world travel, cultural funnies, and documenting my very personal, but purposeful career change into food.

For years I have worked in TV, radio and marketing in the arts. Different programs/jobs gave me varying degrees of satisfaction, but like many food passionados out there, the one thing that I hold dear, and look forward to everyday, was cooking dinner with a glass of wine in my hand and some chilled out music in the background. If work was sucky that day, then dinner would be extra special!
Cooking eases me, soothes me, and I have to admit, I really LOVE people's expressions when they eat, especially if i cooked it! HAA! So something you will learn about me quickly is I am honest! I like it when people like my food! - there I said it!

So my husband and I have lived all around Australia, and now Paris (via Tokyo for 7 months). One thing, no matter where we stopped in our van around Australia, or villages of Japan or France, one thing I find myself seeking out every time, is the food...markets, restaurants, cafes, cooking schools, wholesale stores...I frequent these places like a normal tourist would a museum.

I also like to write...details...i love them.
When I get home I plan to make a great big "Carnet de Voyage" with all the little scraps, tickets, food packaging, photos... and if i could... the 'smells' of the places we visited.
THEN...with all that inspiration in one place, I will strip back the unnecessary stuff, to find the essence of a foodstore that will be my first tangible foray into the food industry...first of my own -that is!


So right now...you meet me in Paris...I kept a lot of writing from Tokyo, which, as this blog develops, you might be privy too...but this blog is primarily to document my discovery of my new life...the one where I say to people, "I am in the food industry" rather than, "i worked in TV then Arts, but I really love food and one day I want to blah blah blah"...right now you are watching me...like a little worker bee, gathering the pollen that I need to make one great big pot of sweet hunny when I get back home...
I hope you enjoy the journey...
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