Thursday, July 3, 2008

the unannounced unofficial assistant manager (or as the staff see it: waitress on a power trip!)

I am in the hilarious but proud position at The Bakery, of being "assistant manager"... I put this in " " because I think really all it means is that I am the one that takes the blame when things aren't right...then I try to delegate to make things right...which is often met with resistance from the staff because there is only so much one human being can do...and given that we turn the 36 seat restaurant over 3 times a day on the weekend, and rotate between 3 kitchens with four dockets for each order.... our limitations are stretched at the best of then I try and do it all myself! Which is funny too, cos that is actually the WORST thing I could do, as it only causes more dramas; like forgetting orders...then we are back to square one! but I still love it....because this is why I am learn. How is the quality kept so high in such a busy place, how do the cooks cope with 20 orders of eggs on a four burner electric stove... and how do you remain calm and loving to a customer when you know they have waited in line for 30 minutes to get a table, waited to order for 15 minutes once they are at the table, and then have to break them the news that all the fantastic salads we serve have sold out by 2pm, cos the place is so unbelievably popular!
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