Thursday, July 17, 2008

Laduree; morning tea fit for Marie Antoinette (not a real Queen!)

Oh, and I must tell you, I went on another café espionage journey on Saturday, with my sister and her boyfriend…Anth and I took them to Laduree for Jo’s birthday.
Oh it was so Frenchy, and fabulous. I felt like Marie Antoinette with all her extravagant sweets and goodness.
Imagine gold gilded walls and cornices, walls adorned with antique mirrors smuggled straight from some overlooked and underused chateau, that featured somewhere in the complex French history of monarchy’s and republics. Burgundy carpet, that sucked the noise of the anticipating crowd in the macaroon queue in the small store adjoined. We felt well proper in our summer frocks, afternoon tea-ing it up!
We all ordered eggs to start with, with some fabulous tea and coffee (didn’t catch the name of the tea, but I have had better so I didn’t bother!). The eggs took longer than necessary so the LOVELY waiter gave us 4 macaroons (their specialty) free.
The eggs were crap. The scrambled eggs were superbly crap. It really is amazing how easy it is for everyone to do really shit scrambled eggs – but it is like anything in life, patience makes the effort worthwhile. I wish they had learnt that at Laduree, because even though we waited a long time for the eggs, they weren’t taking the time to cook them, for sure!
But the pastries were great. I don’t know if it is unFrench to heat pastries, but they would have tasted better, in my opinion, heated…especially the pain au pistache et chocolat, and the pain au chocolat. But the viennoise abricot et pistache was amazing. It was so good but not too sweet as it was balanced by the slight tartness of the apricots. Overall it was a great place to visit, but apparently Pierre Hermes’s macaroons are better. So the next guest gets to come there with me!
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Mufghett said...

Yay Sissle.
Sounds like you're having lots of fun.
I'm very jealous.
Love you both lots.